We COUNT Kentucky!

Our kids count!

The U.S. Census is one of the most important events to the well-being of children and the strength of public schools. Here’s why:

The federal government allocates tens of billions of dollars in education funding to states and localities annually using formulas which factor in population and poverty levels. Our communities rely on an accurate census count to ensure that adequate resources are available to help educators address the needs of every child who walks through the doors of their classrooms.

The census count only happens once every ten years. If we undercount our children, the effects of underfunding on their education could last most of their childhood.

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Thank you to Metro United Way!

Why the Census Counts

Our Friends at Metro United Way share why the census matters to Kentucky. Text COUNTMEIN to 51555 to sign up for a text alert to receive a link to the census directly to your phone.

Take the Pledge

Sign the pledge to be counted and help educate your community.

Educator Sweepstakes

A free and easy way for Kentucky teachers to help their school win $500 by using the U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools (SIS) materials during the Census Bureau’s Statistics In Schools Week (March 2-6, 2020).

Resources for Educators from Statistics in Schools

What story does the Census tell? JCPS classroom resources


A collaborative campaign to make sure that the census is fair and accurate.

Get Involved

Official website of the United States Census Bureau.