SB25 Call to Action

Contact your legislators for greater flexibility in NTI and remote learning.

The Kentucky General Assembly

Your JCTA and KEA lobbying team are working hard for you in Frankfort to fight for districts to have greater flexibility in how they use NTI / remote learning and for the ability of school staff to work from home during NTI or remote learning days when they have children they need to care for.  However, we need YOUR help:  

If you are a parent of a school-age or younger child, we are asking you to tell legislators your story.  Please contact your legislators and ask them to include a provision in SB 25 that allows staff who are parents to work from home during NTI or remote learning days.  Explain to them exactly why the requirement for parents to work from school while their children must remain at home is an impossible situation for you, and tell them what effect, if any, this will have on your ability to complete your responsibilities to your students.  

Some tips for your message:  

  • Be polite and professional — tone is the foundation of a successful message
  • Focus on the effects this problem has on children, both your own and your students
  • Clearly state what you want them to do:  We want them to 
    • give districts greater flexibility in how they use NTI and remote learning days 
    • remove the restrictions on our ability to work from home on those days 
    • give the Kentucky Department of Education  the authority to grant more than 10 days of NTI, if needed
  • Target your message to your senator. (SB25 passed out of committee today, so it goes to the Senate next.  As the bill progresses, we will ask you to contact legislators again targeting the appropriate committee and House members.)

You can leave your message for your legislators by calling 1-800-372-7181, or you can email them using the links on the Kentucky General Assembly home page at  

Thank you for the important role you play in legislative lobbying for KEA/JCTA!