Early Absentee Voting Has Begun!


If you plan to be out of town on Election Day, or if you qualify due to a medical reason or disability, now is the time to request an absentee ballot. To find out how, see the information below provided by our friends at VoteNowKY.

Every vote matters:

In 2018, a Kentucky Senate race was decided by 484 votes out of 37,630 ballots cast.  In the Kentucky State House, seven representatives were decided by under 500 votes; one by 48 votes, another by 24 votes.  Two House seats were decided by 7 and 5 votes – and one Kentucky race by one vote. People have more friends on Facebook than the victory margin of these elected officials.

Voting is an individual act; but helping people vote is a community responsibility.  What can you do?  

  • Call and email your friends and family, reminding them to vote
  • Ask your neighbors and friends if they need a ride to the polls or to 7th/Ormsby to vote early if they qualify

Sample ballots for Jefferson County:


Early In-House Absentee Voting

Registered voters in Jefferson County who will be absent from Jefferson County on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019 can vote early at Election Center, 701 West Ormsby Avenue, Room 301 (near 7th and Oak Streets).  Other people who can vote early include: a woman in her last trimester of pregnancy, a person or their spouse who is scheduled to have surgery on Election Day, and those people because of age, illness or disability are not able to go to the polls.

You will need to provide one of these identifications to vote In-Person Absentee:

Driver’s license, Social Security card, U.S. or Kentucky government-issued identification card, credit card (expired will also work), or any other form of ID containing both picture and signature.

In-house Absentee Voting at 701 West Ormsby:

Now to Nov. 4     Monday-Friday  8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Oct. 26 and Nov. 2  Saturdays, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Mailed in Absentee Ballots

APPLICATION for an absentee ballot must be requested, complete and returned to Jefferson County Election Center office no later than close-of-business seven days (Tuesday, October 29, 2019) before the election to receive a ballot.

Online: https://www.jeffersoncountyclerk.org/AbsAppRequest

Email: Absentee@JeffersonCountyClerk.org

The actual ballot is mailed to the voter and must be returned via mail (you have to pay for the postage) to County Clerk’s Office, and must be in the County Clerk’s office by Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 5 (not postmarked on that day).  NOTE the ballot has specific requirements of where to sign, fold, etc. Read VERY carefully.

If your name is not on polling rolls:

Request an immediate hearing to onsite Election Judge.  He/she can call the Election Center if your eligibility to vote is not resolved.  Any decision can be immediately appealed to a circuit judge.

Emergency Medical Ballots:

If you become sick or are in the hospital, you can request a paper absentee ballot from Tuesday, Oct. 22 to Tuesday, Nov. 5.  Call Jefferson County Board of Election office (502.574.6100) to get an Emergency Medical Ballot. Someone will need to notarize your application for a ballot, then someone needs to take that application to the Board of Elections to get your ballot; then after you fill out your ballot, a person has to take your ballot back to the Board of Elections before 6 PM on Election Day!

For more information:

Jefferson County Election Center

Tel: 502.574.6100   Fax: 502.574.5014     Elections@JeffersonCountyClerk.org

Kentucky Board of Elections

Tel: 502-573-7100   Fax: 502-573-4369     http://elect.ky.gov/

If you believe that your right to vote has been violated, contact any of the following:

  • County Clerk/Board of Elections (502) 574.6100
  • State Board of Elections (502) 573-7100
  • Attorney General’s Election Fraud Hotline (800) 328-8683
  • Louisville Branch NAACP (502) 776-7608

VoteNowKY is a nonpartisan, nonprofit project, by the Coalition of Women’s Organizations and other supporting groups to encourage voter awareness and turnout.  http://www.VoteNowKY.org

Register to Vote

Visit the Kentucky Online Voter Registration page to get started. You’ll need your social security number and your ID. Voter registration for the November 2019 election closes on October 7.

Find Your Polling Place

Visit Kentucky’s Voter Information Center to find your polling place.

Learn the Issues

Kentucky’s students are our future. We can use our power as education voters to make sure that we elect candidates who will give Kentucky the Schools Our Students Deserve! Read more here.

Curriculum Resources for Teachers

Are you a JCPS teacher who wants to incorporate voter registration into your curriculum? Here are some great curriculum resources for you from JCPS and the Frazier History Museum.

Voter Registration Day is September 24