On Wednesdays We #WearRed4Ed and Contact Legislators to SUPPORT HB137 – Sports Betting

Today is #WearRed4Ed and Call Legislators Wednesday! 

We are asking that you CALL or EMAIL your legislators to ask that they SUPPORT HB137 – The Sports Betting Bill. You can use one of the following scripts below when you contact legislators. Find your legislators here.


Dear [Senator or Representative] ________________

Hello my name is ______________ and I am a [your position] and [local affiliate like JCTA] and KEA member living in your district. I’m writing to ask that you SUPPORT HB137. It’s time to put Kentucky first and create revenue using Sports Betting. Kentuckians already spend money on Sports Betting. It’s only right for our Kentucky dollars to stay in Kentucky. This revenue is essential for Kentucky to provide services necessary of state government. 

Thank you for your service!


Phone Call:

Be prepared to share your name and address. You can leave a message for ALL legislators or just yours. The Legislative Message Line is 1-800-372-7181.

I am calling to leave a message for ALL senators and representatives. I am asking that you SUPPORT HB137 to create new revenue for our commonwealth.

You can also use our Action Network link to contact legislators with just a few clicks!

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