On Wednesdays We #WearRed4Ed and OPPOSE SB7 – The SBDM Bill

Today is #WearRed4Ed and Call Legislators Wednesday! 

We are asking that you CALL or EMAIL your legislators to ask that they OPPOSE SB7 – The SBDM Bill. Use one of the following scripts below when you contact legislators. Find your legislators here.


Dear [Senator or Representative] ________________

Hello my name is ______________ and I am a [your position] and [local affiliate like JCTA] and KEA member living in your district. I’m writing to ask that you OPPOSE SB7. Local control is an important part of democracy and that begins with Site-Based Decision-Making councils in schools. Teachers need to be an integral voice on those councils and know that they can’t be forcibly transferred for participating on a school council.  

Thank you for your service!

[No time to write? Click here to send an email.]


Phone Call:

Be prepared to share your name and address. You can leave a message for ALL legislators or just yours. The Legislative Message Line is 1-800-372-7181.

I am calling to leave a message for ALL senators and representatives. I am asking that you OPPOSE SB7 and any attempt to dilute local control that schools and teachers have.

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