On Wednesdays We #WearRedForEd and Contact Legislators!

Emilie McKiernan Blanton

Session is fully underway in the Bluegrass State. While we have hundreds of bills to sort through, remember to keep updated on bills and their progress (or lack thereof) through JCTA and KEA in the coming months.

In the meantime, we can show our solidarity every Wednesday as we #WearRedForEd. While wearing your red, also contact legislators! If you don’t know who your legislators are, check here. On the website, you can find both an email address and phone number for legislators. 

Not sure what to write? Keep it short and to the point! Here is a sample email you can follow:

Dear [Senator or Representative] ______________,

My name is ____________ and I am a [your job title] and [local affiliate such as JCTA] and KEA member living in your district. I am asking that you prioritize public school funding and oppose any attempts to take funding from public schools such as charter schools or vouchers/scholarship tax credits.

Thank you!


If you call their specific number, you can follow the same script. Make sure to only say you are living in the district of folks where you are actually a constituent. Never lie to a legislator to let them believe you live in their district when you don’t.

You can also call the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181. At this number, you can leave messages for your specific legislators or for all senators and representatives. Messages here should be short enough for the staff to write. “I would like to leave a message for all legislators. Please OPPOSE any vouchers or scholarship tax credits/charter school funding. SUPPORT funding for public education and additional revenue.” The message staff is very nice! Sometimes you will have to call multiple times to get through. Just keep trying!

This session will be long. Remember to keep wearing your red and contacting your legislators. We need to keep reminding them how important public education is for every child in Kentucky. Big actions start with small first steps. Being visible and vocal are our first line of defense for our students.

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