So you registered to vote… Now what?!

Tammy Berlin

Last week we celebrated an important event that is integral to the democratic process in America and in the Commonwealth:  National Voter Registration Day. You took the first step to electing a slate of candidates who will be champions for public education.  You rock! But Election Day is still a little more than a month away, so what should we do until then? Here are some things you can do between now and then to make sure Friends of Public Education are elected.  

  • Help someone else register — Voter registration doesn’t close until October 7.  There’s still plenty of time to help others register. Any US Citizen who will be 18 on or before November 5, 2019 is eligible to vote in this election.  People who have moved, changed their name, or who didn’t vote in the last election should update and verify their registration. Just go to to find out more and complete your registration.  
  • Generate some hype for the election by posting on social media — How can you inspire and inform others?  Leverage your digital connections to spread the word:  Take a selfie and share a post explaining why this election is important to you.  
  • Understand the issues and know who you are going to vote for — Registering to vote is only half the battle.  You’re going to need to cast your vote on Election Day for candidates who will make and enact public policy that will protect and improve public education.  Not sure where to start? Watch the JCTA website for the BSK Report to see a list of Better Schools Kentucky’s endorsed candidates. Coming soon!
  • Talk to friends, neighbors, and family — Now’s the time to talk to everyone you know about why public education is the most important issue in this election.  If we don’t elect candidates who will support educators and protect our schools, our students and our communities will pay the price for years to come.   Arm your friends, neighbors, and family with the information they need to make informed decisions about candidates. You can read more about the issues that will help us get the Schools Our Students Deserve at  
  • Volunteer for a candidate — Our candidates need your help!  Canvassing happens every Saturday. Any of our candidates would LOVE for you to help knock on doors to spread the word about why they’re the best choice for public education.  Not sure where to go? Check out these dates and locations:
  • Make sure your vote counts — You registered to vote because you care about the results of this election and you want to make a difference.  Make sure that you know what to do and where to go when the big day gets here. Now’s the time to plan ahead:
    • Find your polling place — If you’re a first-time voter or if you haven’t voted in a long time, you may not have given any thought to where your polling place is.  You can find out by going to the Voter Information Center page on the Kentucky State Board of Elections Website. Just go to and type in your information to find your polling location.  
    • When should you go — When will be the best time for you to go and how will you get there?  The polls will be open from 6:00 AM till 6:00 PM, but be prepared for the possibility that you may have to wait in line if you go at peak times (before 9:00, between 12:00 and 1:00, and after 4:30).  Be sure you leave early enough to get there, or at least get in line before the polls close at 6:00.  
    • How to get there — Voting’s always better when you do it with a friend or neighbor, so don’t forget to carpool.  Don’t have anyone to go with but still need a ride? Many rideshare services offer free or discounted rides on Election Day, so be sure to ask when you book your ride on your favorite rideshare app.  
    • Absentee ballots — Are you going to be out of town or otherwise unable to vote on Election Day?  No worries! You can request and absentee ballot in the mail or cast an absentee ballot in person at the County Clerk’s office.  Be careful, though: There are restrictions! Go to to see the list of absentee voting requirements on the Kentucky State Board of Elections website.  
  • Follow up with your network on election day — Let’s make sure no Education Voter is left behind!  Check in with your friend, neighbors, and family to make sure everyone follows through on their committment to vote for Public Education candidates!
  • Election day is November 5:  See you at the polls!

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