We Are Empowered Educators

Cassie Lyles

Educator involvement leading up to the election on November 5th will be essential in helping us reach the outcome we know is necessary for the good of public schools, students, and teachers.  We have to make sure we each do our fair share in the push to the finish line. We all know we need to help, but many people may not know how.  Some of us are new to this level of involvement as we didn’t become teachers to be activists, so here are the upcoming opportunities to advocate as an Empowered Educator.  At each of these events we need a large number of teachers in red shirts representing all of us.

Next weekend on  Saturday, September 28 from 2-6, State Senator Dan Seum will be hosting a picnic at his home at 1107 Holly Ave., Fairdale, KY for all those who have been bullied by Bevin.  Teachers are definitely on this list. This is a non-partisan event as our governor has also been known to bully those in his own party. Now, I was initially put off by the notion of complaining about a bully, but as teachers, we know that the only way to stop a bully is to actually recognize the situation.  It is important that we speak out against the treatment we have faced at his hands. I don’t need to remind you of the words he has said, but just in case, here’s a couple videos:

There are opportunities to canvass pretty much every Saturday from now until election day, but our big kick of specifically for educators is on October 19th at the Highland office 1436 Bardstown Rd from 3-5.  We will be canvassing for our endorsed candidates. If you’ve never been canvassing before, it is super fun.  Bring a friend, you will knock on doors and talk to them about the issues that are important to us. We all have our own story to tell about how all the shenanigans of the past 4 years have affected us, and this is a way to organically and meaningfully get them heard.  Again, wear red so people know you are an educator.  

Additionally, on October 12th there is another canvassing event that is going to culminate in a Unity Picnic at 4 pm at 1328 Hickory St. Tickets to the picnic are $20 unless you participate in canvassing earlier that day starting at the Highlands Headquarters at 11:00 am at 1436 Bardstown Rd.

There are 5 gubernatorial debates throughout the state, but we need to focus on the debate coming up on October 26th in Wyatt Hall in Cralle Theater at Bellarmine University.   The actual debate is from 8 to 9, but we want to be there earlier creating a sea of red that both candidates will have to walk through.  That will encourage Andy and let Bevin know that we haven’t forgotten his words and actions toward us.  The other debates are October 3rd in Paducah, October 15th and 28th in Lexington, and October 29th in Highland Heights.  Many of us here have connections in other places.  Encourage your friends in those areas to also show up wearing red.  You could even go those debates as well and maybe friend some friends with you.

Also don’t forget the importance of simply getting people registered to vote!  The deadline to register is October 7th and anyone who will be 18 by the November 5th election is eligible to register.   Many schools are having their own events surrounding voter registration as it can be non-partisan and is appropriate for schools to do.  You could offer to help your fellow teachers look up their poll locations as a way to help them make sure their registration is current.

There are so many opportunities between now and November 5th, and I know that we are tired, but four more years of our current situation is only going to make us even more tired.  We have to advocate now and get our fellow citizens to understand why this race is about what is right for Kentucky and not about the traditional right and left.  We cannot just hope that everything works out. It will not without our help. If you’re concerned about child care, take your kids with you! What better way for them to learn about how to be a good citizen than to watch you be one!  Now is the time for us to be Empowered Educators.

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