Tips for Contacting Your Legislators


Nicole George

Nicole George Metro Councilwoman – District 21
Your electeds need to hear from you.  Far too often legislators receive either little outreach from constituents or hear from folks who aren’t fully representative of those they serve.  Below are some tips for ensuring your outreach is most impactful.

#1- Nothing is more important than a constituent!  First and foremost direct your outreach to your legislator.  While all outreach is important, the voice of a constituent often carries the most weight.

#2- Relationships matter.  In a world where there is far more work than can be accomplished we’re often compelled to go the extra step for those with whom we understand and have a connection.  Be strategic with any attempts to publicly shame and understand its consequences.

#3- Keep it simple.  One message per contact.  Bullet points are friends and the fewer words the better.  If a complicated issue can’t be communicated succinctly then request a meeting or call.

#4- Let your elected know what specific action you’d like them to take, particularly when it comes to problem solving.

#5- Remember that just because your outreach didn’t achieve its intended result didn’t mean it wasn’t important.  It does have the potential to influence the bigger picture and form a connection. 

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